We supply our customers with their individual packaging solutions specially tailored to their needs. Our company takes care of customizing, retooling, overhauls and we also develop new machines. Planning, customizing, construction and maintenance: The customers of nice PAC receive full service!

Our palette covers everything, from the smallest service part to format tools and even fully overhauled used machines.

Saving tip: If you keep certain components from the old format during an adaption, retooling or customizing you can cut costs!

nicePAC GmbH

Floßlände 5
D-87452 Altusried-Krugzell

Tel. +49 (0)8374-231678
Fax +49 (0)8374-232942

Mold insert
Sealing frames
Sealing plates
Format tools
Foil (film) stampings / die inserts / strip punchers / foil (film) cutters
Form cutters / special cutters