Service parts / accessories

We offer our customers replacement and service parts as well as accessories of any kind. So we are basically saying that “we can get you anything, however specialized it may be”! Feel free to approach us with your specialized request. We ship service parts and accessories worldwide.


We’ve got the following items in stock:

  • Sealing frames including seals (manufactured by nice PAC)
  • Mold inserts
  • Knives
  • Valves
  • Sealing plates
  • Sealing tools
  • Electric and pneumatic service parts
  • Foil (film) stampings
  • Die inserts
  • Strip punchers
  • Tubular heater and membranes
  • Transport chains
  • Chain guide strips
  • Sprockets
  • Form cutters
  • Special cutters
  • Format tools (manufactured by nice PAC with two company-owned 3-axle milling machines)

Ask for our complete catalogue of service parts and accessories!

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